Worry-Free Cremation Care

Trimble’s Worry-Free Cremation Care begins as one of our licensed funeral directors assumes custody of the deceased. If the death has occurred in a health care facility, all identification bands are checked and identity is confirmed with nursing personnel. Should death occur at home or other location, the identity is confirmed with the next-of-kin, responsible family member, coroner or other authority. 

Unless circumstances dictate otherwise, we require a personal identification by the next-of-kin, or his or her representative. This can be done at the time we assume custody of the body or at the arrangement conference at the funeral home.

A non-combustible identification tag is placed on the deceased, and information is logged into our record system.

The deceased is transferred to our secure care facility for shelterization and refrigeration, and the cremation casket or cremation container selected by the family is clearly labeled for identification.

By Illinois law, cremation cannot take place until 24 hours after death, nor before the next-of-kin, attending physician, coroner, and registrar have all signed their respective certifications. This can sometimes take three or four days, especially over a weekend.

One of our licensed funeral directors reviews the cremation documents to insure that all required authorizations and permits have been received, and then personally delivers the deceased to the crematory in the specified cremation casket or container.

Upon arrival at the crematory, the representative of the crematory authority reviews the authorizations and permits.  A second non-combustible identification tag is placed with the deceased by the crematory and the information is logged into their record system.

Our licensed funeral director assists in placing the cremation casket or container into the cremation chamber and witnesses as the cremation process begins.

If you wish, up to four adult family members may accompany us to the crematory for a pre-cremation inspection.  You will have the opportunity to see that the cremation chamber is clean and empty and, if desired, to witness the cremation casket or container enter the cremation chamber.  A crematory representative will be available to answer any questions you may have.

Following cremation and processing, generally within 24 hours of the start of cremation, the crematory delivers the cremated remains to our funeral home in a clearly-labeled temporary cardboard urn.  The cremains are then sealed in the permanent urn the family has chosen.  The urn is ready for committal services, if any, or it may picked up by the family, or delivered or mailed by us as instructed.

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